Delivering high-quality translation and locali­zation services to various businesses and industries all over the world


LINGMASTER is a technical translation and localization company established in 2006. We work with clients that promote and distribute their products into the Baltic market and all over the world.

Due to our persistent and industrious attitude to work, as well as our serious attitude towards our clients, we have managed to win recognition, to expand with certainty and to prove ourselves as a competitive translation company.


Our mission is to make life easier for IT&T companies and technology developers, contribute, provide support in their activities and find the best possible solution to their needs.




To create software that people will actually use, you need to create software that’s simple and easy to use.


Our aim is to offer good quality translation, editing and software lo­calization services to our clients.

Seamless communication

Customer satisfaction is our first priority guaranteed by excellent quality, mutual trust and seamless communication.


We promote long-term cooperation so that we could better inquire the needs and wishes of our clients in order to form efficient and qualitative dialogue.

Continuous development

We are always ready to accept new challenges and set new targets. It helps us to improve our services and gives us new experience.