About Us

LINGMASTER, established 2006, provides technical translation and localization services.We help
clients succeed globally, especially in the Baltic market, with a focus on hard work and customer satisfaction.


Established in 2006, LINGMASTER is a leading provider of technical translation and localization services. We collaborate with clients to effectively promote and distribute their products globally, with a focus on the Baltic market.

Our dedication to hard work and commitment to customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation for excellence and established us as a top competitor in the industry.

Our mission

At our core, our mission is to simplify the lives of IT companies and technology developers by offering support, providing assistance in their endeavors, and finding optimal solutions to meet their needs. We aim to contribute to their success and make a positive impact on their businesses.

Our values


A team of highly qualified field professionals has come together to form a trustworthy and capable unit, ready to tackle any linguistic challenge with ease. With their expertise, they ensure successful outcomes for each project they undertake.


Adhering to the principle that exceptional quality is the foundation of any successful Technical Translation & Localization services.

Customer satisfaction

At all times, ensuring customer satisfaction remains our top priority. This is achieved through a commitment to delivering excellent quality, building mutual trust, and maintaining seamless communication. By adhering to these principles, we guarantee a positive customer experience every time.


With the goal of fostering long-lasting partnerships, we strive to understand our clients’ needs and wants thoroughly. To achieve this, we prioritize establishing clear and effective communication, while maintaining the highest standards of quality. By doing so, we build strong relationships with our clients and ensure their satisfaction in the long run.

Continuous development

We embrace new challenges and set ambitious goals, as this allows us to continuously improve our services and gain valuable experiences. Our openness to new opportunities drives us to be innovative and stay ahead of the curve. By consistently seeking out new challenges, we strive to provide the best possible service to our clients.


Meeting client deadlines is of utmost importance, and to achieve this goal, it is crucial to effectively manage both time and resources. By carefully allocating these assets, we can ensure that we consistently meet and exceed expectations.

Client Testimonials

“We appreciate and enjoy our cooperation very much [..]! We appreciate your help with the standard/bigger projects and also with the smallest ones that so often have very short deadline and are quite challenging to make in time – so big THANK YOU for your help with everything.”
“It is easy to collaborate with Lingmaster since project managers are responsive, encouraging in urgent cases and provide the best solution offer. Managing director of the company is actively involved in the work, has a perfect knowledge of the work specificities and provides an excellent communication with the client - a special attitude we highly appreciate”
“I am satisfied with the technical translation services provided by Lingmaster, its responsive and professional team and the special attitude towards us as a client. All mentioned above adds value and quality to the services, and the price of the services corresponds to the quality.”

The Owl

The owl symbolizes wisdom, but its meaning has changed over time. In the 17th century, it was seen as cultured and wise, while in the Middle Ages, it was considered lazy and greedy. In African beliefs, it was considered devilish. In English and German, the word for owl means jester, a trickster with both demonic and comic traits. The LINGMASTER owl in the logo represents the contrast between light and dark and reflects the emotional state of humans in the shape of a heart. It symbolizes the reflection of one language in another.