Quality Assurance

We perform quality assessments in order to determine potential linguistic errors and ensure the usage of the correct language style and terminology that corresponds to the text type.

Language quality assurance

Language Quality Assurance is one of our central services delivered to our customers.

Almost every business tries to address their customers in writing, mostly trough the company website, newsletters and advertising booklets as well as presentation materials. Nevertheless, they often pay in­sufficient attention to the role of the language used for communicating their existing and prospective clients. In that case, they may expect that readers will sneer at their poorly translated or auto-translated texts, and it may compromise their repu­tation.

Language Quality Assurance evaluates translated texts for linguistic quality by reporting errors, classifying them by type and severity, and providing an overall opinion. Reviewers must defend and explain their evaluations clearly, avoiding mixing true errors with personal preferences. LQA demands higher qualifications, experience, and linguistic acrobatics than translation or editing. It ensures accurate and natural translations, providing peace of mind to our customers.