Localization: “The process of adapting a product or software to a specific international language or culture so that it seems natural to that particular region. True localization considers language, culture, customs and the characteristics of the target locale. It frequent­ly involves changes to the software’s writing system and may change keyboard use and fonts as well as date, time and monetary formats.”

Product localization allows software pub­lishers to increase sales opportunities in diverse markets since many states’ laws require that user manuals in the respective language are provided with the imported equipment and devices.
A fully localized product enables the user to deal with his/her native language, e.g. when reading any interface elements such as menus, error messages or on-screen displays, and to enter information by the use of special characters and language-specific keyboard layout.
Along with translation, localization project may include multi-language project management, software engineering and online help development and testing, desktop publishing, development and management of translation memory, multilingual product support as well as recommendations for development of translation strategy.

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