Technologies we use

To ensure high-quality translations and productivity, we use a wide range of language technologies. They include terminology management systems which is a great asset for collecting data and using industry-specific terminology data bases, as well as translation memories which enable the reuse of the previously created translations.


Our translation process involves advanced computer-aided translation (CAT) tools which:

Ensure consistent terminology

Consistent terminology is an essential criterion in translation quality assessment with regard to technical translations. Translators can easily find translations for a specific term in the translation memory, provided that the term has previously been translated.

Reduce the customer expenses

When using computer-aided translation (CAT) tools, translation costs are calculated according to the number of words in the text by applying a detailed analysis of the source files. A special analysis file shows the number of new words and 50%, 75% and 100% matches. For example, if the bulk of a document has already been translated, the customer will have to pay accordingly less than for a document where all sentences are new.

Enable and speed up translation process

Translation tools facilitate the search of required terms and offer previously translated text segments for repeated use.

CAT tools

SDL Trados (Trados Studio)




SDL Passolo


DTP and web design tools

Adobe InDesign

Adobe FrameMaker

Adobe Acrobat

Microsoft FrontPage

Microsoft Publisher

ABBYY FineReader

Terminology management tools In collecting data and creating industry-specific termbases, we use terminology management systems, such as:

Trados MultiTerm

Online terminology management systems on the customer’s request