Terminology Management

We actively participate in developing, dis­cussingand approving the newest IT
terminology used both company and country wise.

Terminology Management services

Terminology development and management is a significant field of activity at LINGMASTER, which differentiates us from the other translation companies.

Since 2007, LINGMASTER actively participates in developing, dis­cussing and approving new terms and their definitions in the Latvian Terminology Commission, as well as in revising and changing the outdated terms according to the new industry standards, along with technology development and the spirit of the age. The situation with IT terminology development is very advantageous in Latvia as we have very active IT terminology sub-commission which gathers for its meetings every second week. Besides, it allows resolving any questionable terminology issues by discussing them with the other commission members as soon as these issues appear in our everyday work.

Not only LINGMASTER senior terminologist is involved in the process of working out the official terminology; we encourage that our in-house translators and editors participate in terminology discussions, attend the commission meetings and widen their expertise in various subject fields.

The invaluable experience and competence helps us to satisfy our customer needs for correct industry terminology and qualifies us for working as Target Terminologist for the world’s most popular software developers.

Terminology Management

How can our terminology competence be useful to you?

Significant part of any technical text is terminology of the respective subject field.

If your tasks and requirements are diversified and range from pure marketing materials to hardcore technical specifications, our expertise in IT and technical terminology is essential for you to entrust creation and maintenance of your term glossaries to LINGMASTER.

These term glossaries will help translators and editors using correct and consistent industry terminology which, in turn, will improve the overall translation quality and ensure conformity of these texts to the industry standards.

Creation And Maintenance Of Your Term Glossaries

Updating And Maintaining Your Terminology Database

Choosing The Right And Unambiguous Terminology In The Translation Process